Which Wood?

The quality of the handle is as important as the head. Not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of our interaction with the tool.  As the handle is the only part of an axe that we actually get to engage with when using it.

We equip our hatchets and axes with some of Europe's finest Ash and American Hickory.

Ash wood was the material of choice, historically, for tool handles in Europe. Readily available, Ash grows between 25 and 35 meters, and is a strong and shock absorbing hardwood with excellent flexibility. It is relatively lightweight for its impressive strength, and is typically straight grained with a coarse texture. Ash’s sapwood is shaded in pale whites, and the heartwood can vary from greyish brown to pale yellow streaked with brown flecks. We source our Ash wood from Switzerland.

As global timber markets grew, American Hickory was soon recognised as another excellent wood choice for tool handles.  Growing between 20 and 35 meters high, Hickory is a hardwood that is renowned for its shock absorbing and resistance capabilities. It has a coarse texture and a straight grain, and is highly receptive to stains and finishes. Hickory’s sapwood, or outer layer, is primarily white with shades of brown, while the heartwood is a pale reddish brown.  We source our Hickory from the United States.

Due to natural variations in wood, our handles may be lighter or darker than those pictured.  We are unable to accommodate requests for particular handle colour at this time.

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